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Name: Josiah Malcom

Age: Old as balls, I mean, 114

Species: Witch

Summary: Moved to Siren Cove from England at the age of 10; lost his parents to a car accident which was later found to have been tampered with by a rogue siren. Since then, moved into an old boat which changes to suit the times. Discovered an ancient recipe to slow the aging process. Lives alone, fishing, unless someone pisses him off. Which happens more often than not. He is entirely neutral to the rivalry. As he himself puts it, he "hates everyone."

Powers: Josiah's magic mostly revolves around the ocean/water magic. He's especially fond of sending sharks after careless swimmers and flooding the beach when he feels especially cranky. When he wants to, however, he can do some real damage, such as summoning hurricanes. This only really happens when something occurs to really anger him, such as a conflict between the two families or another witch performing a spell/magic that aggravates him. His powers allow that he can be taken down, but he cannot be killed.

Note: Josiah is meant to be the 'grumpy old man in an New England town' trope. He's a less serious villain, mostly, who likes to cause trouble when the mood suits him. He can be used for any purpose, and is meant to be shared. So if you want him for anything, just drop a note here! He'll be making a grand entrance after the next Town Challenge. :)
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